Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What are Wing?

     You wake up in the morning and your whole body is sore. Sitting up in bed seems a monumental feat, but you know in the back of your mind that you are going to go through your whole day just as stiff. Your legs finally find there way out from under the warmth of the blankets and hit the chilly tile floor. 
     This is only the beginning. Day one of eighty-four. You look at yourself in the mirror and wonder what is going to happen in those next eighty-four days that will somehow change your life. 
     No one tells you everything that changes when you become a leader, because when you are a leader you are no longer allowed to talk about it. You are now in a position of leadership and now you are expected lead, even when all you want to do is talk and relate to someone you can't because that could be detrimental. There is no one left to talk to but God. No one else can understand. You take for granted the value of a friend. Someone that won't judge you, someone you aren't leading, someone who will trust you with their secrets and them with yours. 
     But hold your head up high and walk out that door with a smile on your face and the knowledge that there is Nothing in this world that can separate us from the love of God and that is all we truly need.

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