Friday, February 1, 2013

Learning to Fly

     You end the day and look back and all you recall is a whirlwind of images, muffled dialog, and a pile of papers that seem to be the size as the day before. Yet regardless of all the dizzying days, things are starting to take shape. Four students will be arriving on the 11th to start a 5 month school that will be spending 8 weeks in Israel and possibly Turkey. 
     Only God could have brought me so far in such a short span of time. I graduated 2 years ago and did my school last year. I never had a dream to be in leadership and I certainly did not expect to be leading people older than me. God has entrusted me with friends and peers that I could never have dreamed of.  Sometimes I wonder where I would be now if I had made a different decision and gone to college to do music. I'm sure God would have been with me even through my choice and blessed me equally as much, but I never would have traveled as much as I have. 
     I have been truly blessed by God in a number of ways. I have been given a network of friends that stretches continents and leaps borders. God gave me the opportunity to be surrounded by a group of God fearing people for 6 months and though I wish I had taken more advantage of it I still gained enormously in mental, physical, and most importantly, spiritual growth. Because of their influence on me I have gown in confidence in myself and in my knowledge of God and His character; were as I used to be self conscious on my looks, personality, and even outlook on life.
     Tomorrow is the weekend and I am looking forward to a relaxing day with a good book.

     Book of the Bible to read and study for a week: Titus

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